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Invest in Costa Rica

Costa Rica an ecological paradise where you can enjoy the privilege of 5% of global biodiversity and the opportunity for a new beginning. An enviable climate and spectacular beaches of beautiful mountain landscapes.

Costa Rica is a country of exotic and beautiful nature, union in North America with South America. WHY COSTA RICA? Its people are friendly, honest, kind, hardworking and caring, of simple habits that make CR one of the most popular destinations for the opportunity to live in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

Costa Rica, a small country but remarkable for being a peaceful nation without an army, adding to this, the internationally known political stability. Sustainable economy puts CR positioned to invest and re-capitalize their money.

Lots of American and European citizens live in CR,  because in Costa Rica, they found all the desired conditions for an excellent standard of living. Very efficient at all levels, which causes the population to develop a high level of competitiveness and innovation factors.

As it has excellent higher education and training, it is known as the best country in Central America, besides being the best qualified for their effective market and technological learning progress, demonstrating high technology capacity.

Costa Rica addition to its strategic location in the center of the Americas, has ports on the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, which are highly accessible also by road, where you are. In a few hours or kilometers, you can reach any of the two oceans.

Costa Rica is in the fourth place of the Index of Human Development in Latin America (HDI) and according to the UN report, Costa Rica also ranks fourth in Latin America, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is best assessed within Latin countries as one of the 28 companies in which it enjoys full democracy.